I was exhibiting at the recent WI Centennial Fair in Harrogate when a man who I presume was working for the National Federation of Women's Institutes asked me to remove some of my products on account of the rude place names featured on them. As I'd paid a lot of money to be there and sell my stuff I refused.

So another man turned up and reiterated that things needed censoring and he wasn't leaving until I'd done it. Reluctantly I placed some bits of card saying "Censored" over the top of some of the images - this didn't help with sales but it did cause much mirth/bafflement/annoyance with the ladies in attendance. The ironic fact that a man had decided what was suitable for the ladies to view wasn't lost on them and it was just a shame that he didn't put in another appearance!

Afterwards there were tweets of support from members of the WI & I thought nothing more of it until contacted by a journalist working for BBC News - here's the link to the article by Lauren Potts: