BBC 6Music's @shaunwkeaveny is a Far From Dull fan

The news that Dull, Scotland & Boring, USA were to twin inspired many media mentions and was picked up on by Shaun Keaveny of BBC6Music's breakfast show fame. Having been a long time listener I knew that my book - Far From Dull - would appeal to his sense of the absurd and sent in a copy, along with a couple of mugs (Crackpot & Fryup) and a bunch of the more scenic greeting cards. To my eternal surprise it got a lovely long mention on the 5th anniversary show on Friday 4th May!

 "...beautiful shots of ridiculously named places - you've got the town sign but in incredible settings - great photographs, it's a great book"

24 hours left to catch it on iPlayer - listen from 1hr 11mins